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Children’s rates apply only when the children live in the parents’ room.

Resa= Trip

Antal resenärer= number of travelers

Resenär= traveler

Boende= Hotel

Önskad rumstyp = Desired room

Egen bil = Arranges your own journey

Fill in all options per person

Resenär= Traveler

Namn= Name

Åkskicklighet= level of skiing

Första gången= First time

Nybörjare= Beginner

Medel= Intermediate

Avnacerad= Advanced

Åkt antal veckor= Number of weeks you have skied

Önskar skidskola= Like to have ski school

Liftkort= Ski pass

Utrustning = Ski rentals

Specialkost= Special diet

Förnamn= First name

Efternamn= Last name

Personnummer= Year born

Adress= Address street

Postnummer= Zip code

Ort= City

Telefon= Phone number

Övrigt= Other comments

Reseuppgifter=Travel data

Anmälarens uppgifter= Information about the traveler

Beräknat pris = Calculated price in dollar

Skicka anmälan = Send registration


In order for the registration to be complete, you need to pay the registration fee.

GDPR – Data Protection Regulation

From May 25, 2018, the Data Protection Regulation applies to GDPR. The Alplinjens Travel Agency handles the personal data you provide in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation. We use this information to give our customers optimal service in everything that has to do with your journey. This is done via telephone, sms, e-mail and letter.

Alplinjens Travel Agency only discloses personal information to our partners, such as bus / airline, hotel, etc., in order to fulfill our obligations to our customers. It is important for us that you feel confident in how we handle your personal information.

You can contact us at any time and request your personal information or ask us to delete it. For more information about GDPR, read more on the Swedish Data Inspection website.

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